Monday, July 23, 2012


Somehow, out of the blue, this song came to mind this morning
‘Nagme haiN, shikve haiN, kisse haiN, baateiN haiN…’

(Trans: There are songs, grudges, stories, incidents that we shared……..)
And it further goes as “YaadeiN reh jaati haiN”  (all that is left is memories)

And I think as to why so much stress on memories? It has been especially glorified in Hindi movies and folklore- to base your life on one particular event/memory. (E.g. a widow wearing white for the rest of her life)
We hadn't understood the meaning of being in the NOW, right? Only now am I beginning to learn to let go...even of thought!

Met somebody after 14 years. And I realized how little I found the need to sift through memories to re-create/ continue our bond. Why not be in the now, as I am today and as you are today and see where we connect?

Same with the future-- anything that goes beyond tomorrow's lunch...... Why??
Think, desire, but then let it be. Flow with the unfolding of life. Why set goals and 'determine'?? Why?? No doubt you WILL achieve what you set your MIND on..... But do u realize how much of energy you are investing in manifesting a desire that you are completely missing out on the experience THIS moment has to offer??

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