Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ok, so we have all derived our sense of identity from our degrees, designations, looks, knowledge, kids’ knowledge, kids’ degrees, kids’ designations, cars, houses, lovers, names dropping…..and so on. Yes, at different times I have faked being a ‘graduate’ or ‘his wife’, ‘a writer’, ‘a journalist’ and so on. (None of them are true). … for I have never been ‘enough’ being all that and more.  None of it ever completed me, right?
So, I added more and more content to my existence, my being. E.g. my knowledge, -- “Wow! The intelligent me” , my sense of humor- “The amazing me” and then “the worthless me”, “the loser me”, “the betrayed me”………. How many stories about a ‘me’ I know nothing of?

Coming to the beginning, yes, we’ve all been there, done that. And yes, many of us continue to do it--- Deriving our entire identity from what all I have in my life (the ‘content’ of my life as Eckhart Tolle says.)

On the flip side, now I am wiser (o yeah!) and so I give up seeking self worth in my car (it’s not worth much anyway!) …. And I turn ‘SPIRITUAL’, (arright!!!)  
I run into the right kind of people and  I learn more and I know that there is something beyond all the noise…….and so I seek.
In the meantime I discover that I am not my identity as I knew it so far.
So far, so good.
And I learn more –I am not my mind, not my body, not my intellectual/ emotional/ frontal side…….and more.  
…. AND more…
…. AND………

I stopped grabbing more and more in the world outside to derive my sense of identity and I started here, on another plane.  ‘The spiritual me’, ‘the seeker me’, ‘the learner me’…….
Oh how interesting! Now all I need to do is to  add a ‘Ma’ or “Swami” behind my name and create a facebook page. (or wait for my ‘disciples’ to add a couple of ‘Sri’s before my name)
or worst of all-  add  ‘mentor’ or ‘life coach’ to my name (for then I needn’t even be right or truthful.

Do you realize how the ego plays out? If not this then that, if not the corporate race, then the race to enlightenment, ……..become a bigger fish in the spiritual fishmarket.
Become a ‘ma’ or ‘guru’ or ‘swami’ or (don’t throw up) ‘mentor’

Should I judge it?  Or should I leave it to up to you?    ;p


  1. Stop swimming, begin floating and then start fishing ;)

  2. :)

    I'm not swimming, nor floating. Say, any advise for drifters? ;p

  3. I came....

    I saw....

    I was flattered!!!!!!!!

    Hamare khayalat kitne milte julte hain! Madness has a sister! Yippee Hooo! :D

    I have to start mine asap...question is do i write when i'm sober or when i'm drunk....? :D great and significant question! :)

  4. Well Aparna...i like what you've written and you might seriously consider doing a course called soul realisation.
    this site must be able to guide you. A lot of your questions will be answered, confidently saying so because i realised during the landmark course that the soul component of being was completely missing and you could never expect someone from the west to incorporate that into a formal course like landmark forum. Deep questions that trouble ones mind cannot be answered by such forums. Anyways...i have kept my end of the bargain! Will post soon. See you on my blog then! Love light and peace! Abhi.

  5. Did I ever tell you that they used to call me "Mahatma Andi" ... well, how would you feel about continuing with that tradition? ;-)

    Back to yours: You're so right, Aparrna! What about all these courses and learning and developing...!

    It's just my personal thing, but for me it seems to boil down to "just be, witness and enjoy" or "create and accept" ... and "don't worry ... bout a thing..."

    But for most spiritual seekers this must be a too easy way out. I mean, how can this being dare to be happy without working hard for it?

    Hahaha! :D

    How do you like that?

    And before taking me serious on that, keep in mind, that I'm on a 10 month holiday...! ;-)

    Love, light and peace - which is basically the same...!


    (or as some prefer: Mahatma Andi) ;-)

  6. What a superbbb start babe! i'm sure there are many more to come .. n i love reading ur posts so plzz keep posting .. n i'll keep reading n complimenting .. not commenting coz like i told u .. i would have to think of something sensible then :P ..